Skunks are a member of the weasel family that often are black with two white stripes, but can vary in color from almost all black to almost all white. They are known for their pungent odor that they spray when threatened.

The problems that skunks cause include denning under a deck or building without a foundation and digging up a lawn looking for grubs. When skunks den under a deck or building, it is usually to raise their young. This can lead to pets or children being sprayed or possibly a skunk dying under the structure. Varmint Removal & Repair can remove your skunks and install a barrier to prevent re-entry.

Raccoons are easily recognized because of their “masked” face and ringed tail. They are found in woodlands and urban areas. A raccoon’s home range can be over a square mile in rural areas and as small as 10-12 acres in an urban environment.

Raccoons cause problems for humans in a couple of different ways. They can enter a structure and live in the walls or attic causing damage to insulation and wiring. They can dig up the sod in your lawn looking for grubs and earthworms. Raccoons are also notorious for tearing apart people’s garbage looking for left-overs. If you are encountering any of these problems, call Varmint Removal & Repair today! We can remove the raccoons and fix/clean-up the damage they have caused.

Moles are small mammals that spend almost all of their lives underground. Their diet consists of mostly earthworms, grubs, beetles, and ants. They can tunnel about 16 feet per hour in ideal soil conditions. In northern Michigan we have two species of moles. The most common is the eastern mole which is found in forests, fields, lawns, and gardens. It is usually gray with a silvery sheen. Star-nosed moles are also present in wetter environments along lakes and rivers. They are black with a longer tail than the eastern mole and have tentacles on their snout.

Both species cause damage to lawns and gardens from their tunneling activities. Varmint Removal & Repair uses several different types of traps to remove moles from customer’s lawns.

Squirrels are gnawing mammals called rodents that are mostly vegetarian. We have seven species of squirrels in northern Michigan that can cause conflicts with people. The eastern chipmunk, gray squirrel, red squirrel, and both northern and southern flying squirrels can cause damage in the walls and attics of structures. Woodchucks and 13-lined ground squirrels make burrows in lawns, landscaping, and under buildings. Varmint Removal & Repair can trap and remove these critters from your property and seal-up their entry locations.

In addition to the previously mentioned species, there are others which less frequently cause conflicts with people. These include snakes, mice, mink, muskrats, beavers, porcupines, opossums, snapping turtles, foxes, voles, and several others. Varmint Removal & Repair can remove all of these animals from your property.

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